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The Business Club has a few written as well as a few understood rules that it feels constitutes a member (membership) in good standing and over time some of these rules have changed or been misunderstood. MORE


The Business Club of London was founded in 1954 when a handful of businessmen got together over lunch. It started to become a regular weekly event. MORE


Membership is easy and affordable; and commitments are light. Just come out and enjoy a weekly lunch with us or get involved with planning some of our social events. It's really about the fellowship. MORE

Please join us. You'll be glad you did.

The Business Club meets every Thursday at the Mocha Shrine Temple at 468 Colborne Street in London. Directions on Google Maps.

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Congratulations Doug McCurdy from Tim Hortons

Winner of the 12th Annual Tony Award. The Tony Award is named for Aldo (Tony) Tonini who has been an active member of the Business Club of London for over 50 years and remains an inspiration for all members. MORE