About the Business Club of London

The Business Club of London (BCoL),  founded in 1954, has blossomed from a casual lunch meeting, to a closely knit group of small business owners and professionals. Our primary focus is meeting to promote, grow and strengthen business relationships and practices.

As a group of professionals, we proudly stand by the founding vision of the Club; to create a place for fellowship and networking. We have grown and developed over the years and are proud of the status we have maintained, as one of the longest standing business networking clubs inLondon.

We have diverse membership and Board of Directors, to ensure the Business Club of London remains a healthy and viable networking group.

Gone are the paper days of a membership roster, club bylaws and our mission statement.  We proudly provide our members this information on our website, with a private members only area and on our Facebook page.

Are you considering becoming a member? Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Can anyone join the Business Club of London?

Yes, anyone can join. However, we are looking for business owners and/or professionals, that share the same vision as the club and operate a respectful business, (whether it’s with clients or suppliers).  Availability also depends on the category you represent and if there are any conflicts with other businesses within the membership.

Is my application for membership automatically guaranteed?

While we encourage everyone to apply for a membership, your acceptance is not always guaranteed.  We consider the work and business ethic of the potential member, but most importantly, we consider each member according to categories and will never permit two businesses within the same category to join the Business Club of London.  Typically, the approval process takes about two weeks.

What are Categories?

Each business falls under a category, for example:  Insurance. While we may have more than one Insurance Company in our membership, each will fulfil a different category, based on the type of insurance they sell:  Property and Auto, Health, etc.  In the event that there is some overlap of business (ie: through changing your business strategy) the member and only the member that originally held that category is given the right to promote that category within the structure of the club. A non-category holding member may promote similar products or services, provided it is done outside the boundaries of the Business Club of London. This business ethic was set up to prevent competition between members at club meetings.

Is attendance mandatory?

In a nutshell, no, it’s not.  We do not take weekly attendance, however, those that attend on a regular basis will grow their business faster, interact more with other members and often receive more referrals, because it’s nice to do business with people you know and trust.  Most members have alternates and when the main member cannot attend, the alternate member is welcome to come and represent your business.

How will other members learn about my business?

Each member is expected to give a personal/business presentation to the membership, usually on a yearly basis.  This is a fantastic way to share who you are, what’s new in your business, what you do and why you do it.  Often referred to as a "Craft Talk", these presentations usually last about twenty minutes.  There is a question and answer period at the end of each Craft Talk and many members take this time to give testimony to the presenter, for work or services that they have received.

How is business done?

Members are free to reach business agreements with other members, offer specials or discounts to members, obtain quotes and refer friends or family.  While all of the above is encouraged, there is no obligation to conduct business with other members.  We believe that through attendance, networking and having a solid work ethic and business practice, other members will want to place their trust and business in your hands.

Do you track business within the Club?

Yes, we do.  We use a lead sheet, done electronically, so all business transactions, leads and referrals can be tracked.  Reports are generated and shared with the membership, so everyone can see the value that networking brings to individuals, businesses and the Business Club of London. Annually, business to business amongst members generates approximately $2M in sales, plus numerous leads and referrals.

Are potential members allowed a preview, before applying?

Yes.  Prospective members are encouraged to attend up to two weekly meetings, before an application for membership has to be submitted.  This should provide ample time to become acquainted with how meetings are conducted and how members interact and network together.  When inviting a potential member, please inform the Club Secretary or President, in advance, to ensure there would be no conflict within categories.  These guests would be introduced with their name and the type of business or service they represent.  While invited guests do not address the club, they are welcome to express appreciation for being in attendance that day.

Are guests permitted to attend a club meeting?

The Business Club of London welcomes any quest that a members feels they would like to invite, whether a prospective member or not. We ask that each member use common sense and discretion when inviting someone, especially someone who might have a competitive business to that of a fellow member.  Guest meals are billed to the inviting member.


How do I get the most from my membership?

Participation!  We provide ample opportunity to network.  We have weekly meetings, BCoL funded social activities each quarter and many other side activities to keep members active and engaged.  We encourage members to attend as many meetings as you can, apply for a position on the Board of Directors and attend as many social activities as possible. Friends do business with friends.  Spend time with members and soon you will find common interest in things that you would not discover at a weekly meeting.

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