History of the Business Club of London

The Business Club of London (BCoL) was founded in 1954, when a handful of businessmen got together over lunch.  Their meetings at the Campbells Restaurant and Bar, located on the north side of Dundas Street between Talbot Street and Ridout Street, soon became a regular weekly event.  Over the years, the size of the group continued to grow and a formal club charter was drawn up in 1965.  Some of the founding members present, when the original charter was adopted included:

  • Sidney Atlin, Collection Manager
  • Charles Reginald Clark, Television Service Operator
  • Robert Leslie Lemmon, .Automobile Salesman
  • Richard Otto May, Manager
  • Larry Wilson, Manager
  • Gordon Douglas Nash, Accountant
  • David Seaton, Company President
  • Douglas Lloyd Smith, Company President
  • Ray Correll, Account Executive
  • James Joseph Doyle, Sales Representative

The Business Club of London has moved their meeting place from Campbells, to various locations before settling in at the Masonic Mocha Temple in London. As of February 2022, the Club meets at The Factory, 100 Kellogg Lane, London, every Thursday, for lunch.

From Past to Present

The Business Club of London has grown and evolved over time. Once considered a “men’s club”, The Business Club of London now welcomes all business-minded professionals, both male and female.  The first female member to join was Dell Wright, Kings Hotel, in the late 70’s and Barbara Hunter, Disc Jockey Services, became the first female President in 1987.

As the Business Club of London grew, so did the need for a club Secretary. In the1980’s Orton Logan took on the responsibility of Secretary. Notes and files, reports and minutes were assembled and often mailed to the membership.  The longest serving Secretary to date is Rick Bothwell.  He joined the BCoL in 1982 as a Graphic Designer and served as the Club's President in 1993 and 2002.  In 2004, Rick surrendered his category and took on the position of Secretary. Rick kept notes, minutes, reports, etc. and started the transition from paper to less paper, by using email communication.  In 2021, Rick retired from the Business Club of London.

The year 2022 will prove to be a new era for the BCoL. We have moved past the days of paper and are focusing on leaving a greener footprint.  Paper rosters, paper lead sheets and reports are all going electronic. E-transfers are available to pay invoices and dues are being well received by the members.  Our Secretary, Susan Elliott, along with the 2022 Board of Directors, has worked to bring our website and day to day business transactions and reports into the modern world of technology.

Still Going Strong Today!

After all these years and what started out as just a few friends getting together for lunch, we still maintain the same philosophy of “You help me and I’ll help you”!

List of Past Presidents

1954  Ray Corell    

1955  Ray Corell    

1956  Pat O'Brien    

1957  Jim Potts  

1958  Irwin Atlin    

1959  Hugh McCallum    

1960  Gord Warden    

1961  Harold Mills    

1962  Art Rushmer    

1963  Jim Doyle    

1964  Larry Wilson    

1965  Doug Smith    

1966  Richard May    

1967  Ray Corell  

1968  Murry Leff    

1969  Ross Edwards  

1970  Steve Borg    

1971  Alan Johnston    

1972  David Howell-Harries    

1973  Ralph Cummins    

1974  Dave Seaton  

1975  R.G. Watson    

1976  E.A. McNevin  

1977  Donald K. Lovell  

1978  Spencer H. Clark    

1979  Ralph Middleton  

1980  Donald Noble  

1981  Tom Freel    

1982  Lorne Salter  

1983  Richard Awad

1984  Chris Clever  

1985  Keith Greasey

1986  James A, McCabe  

1987  Barbara Hunter  

1988  Al Graystone

1989  Don Rawlings  

1990  Angie Wilson  

1991  Robert Lauckner  

1992  Brian Hollis  

1993  Rick Bothwell  

1994  David Schulthies  

1995  Bill Legg

1996  David Rowe  

1997  Terry McDonald

1998  Angus McLarty  

1999  Wilf Myers

2000  Pete Bowley  

2001  Pete Bowley

2002  Rick Bothwell  

2003  Jim Wilson

2004  George Payne

2005  Dr. Ben Bebee  

2006  Karen Lamanski  

2007  Yvonne Fairweather

2008  Brad Chambers

2009  Terry Meyer

2010  Kevin Cavender  

2011  Alice Ho  

2012  Barry Dodd    

2013  Dave Schulthies  

2014  Gord Banting    

2015  Toni Doody  

2016  Kyle Hollis  

2017  Chris Guimond  

2018  Artem Serikov

2019  Geraldine Peters

2020  Sarah Watkins

2021  Rachael Storey

2022  Peter DeGelder

2023  Kevin Cavender

2024 Jeff Wong

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